About Us

About the Canadian Zionist Federation

The Canadian Zionist Federation, an umbrella organization of Zionist groups in Canada, is responsible for developing, enriching and supporting a meaningful education program to connect Canadian Jews with Israel.

The CZF strives to be a relevant and active address for Zionist activity throughout Canada, and particularly in smaller communities.

The CZF is the Canadian affiliate of the World Zionist Organization and as such sends delegates to the World Zionist congress every 5 years. The Congress was started by Theodore Herzl in 1897 and is viewed as the Parliament of the Jewish People.

For more information about the WZO and the World Zionist Congress click here

Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Zionist Federation is

  • to strengthen the connection of Canadian Jews with Israel
  • to deepen their understanding of Israeli society
  • to encourage travel to Israel

The mission is currently being achieved by providing Israel education and engagement resources and by facilitating dialogue, debate and collective action in communities across Canada.

What We Do

CZF Strengthens Jewish Identity

Through relevant and timely education programs, CZF improves the connection that Canadian Jews have with Israel. Through these activities, CZF fosters a greater understanding of Jewish life both in Canada and in Israel.

CZF Promotes the Israel Experience

Stronger bonds between Canadian Jews and Israel will result from Israel experiences at home and, of course, in Israel. This includes; being introduced to Israeli culture, music , arts and politics at various levels;  learning basic Hebrew vocabulary; gaining a better understanding of the history of the country; spending a college year in Israel,  and planning  short or longer visits to really get to understand the country.

CZF Involves Future Generations

To encourage young adults to understand and appreciate Israel, CZF provides a variety of programs specifically geared to millennials. The most successful is a Friday night program called “Shabbat in the City” which provides an opportunity for young adults to get together in a social atmosphere and explore their interest in Israel.

In addition, young adults from 18-32 years old, who have traveled on the Birthright trip to Israel have welcomed the chance to improve their Hebrew vocabulary with the very interactive Tachles program.

CZF Reaches out to Smaller Communities

CZF provides resources to smaller communities.  We work with lay leadership and educators to further Israel dialogue. We partner with the WZO to help members of smaller communities have the opportunity to identify with and understand Israel today.

Smaller communities do not have many resources and so CZF provides programs and materials for lay leaders to bring Israel engagement activities to their communities.

Young man in front of the Kotel