Israel Education

Cooking in Hebrew

Cooking up in Hebrew / Mevashlim Be’evrit

Cooking up in Hebrew is a monthly program that gets people together for joint learning and cooking in conjunction with the Jewish-Israeli calendar, holidays and other significant occasions. Through the medium of cooking, participants learn about Israeli culture and language.

Beit Haam

Beit HaAm Films

The Beit Ha’am Films kit consists of six short Israeli films that were carefully chosen from dozens of prize-winning works. The films present various perspectives on Israeli society, the way of life in Israel, and issues of concern to young Israeli filmmakers. Watching them enables Jews in the Diaspora to become acquainted with and reflect on diverse and relevant themes and connect with their Jewish identity and the State of Israel from a different angle. 



Tachles is a unique Hebrew language program that builds spoken vocabulary. Through activities and games participants explore Hebrew as a language and a culture. Tachles is interactive and fun!